Now you can ‘live your dream’ with a purchase of a fractional ownership share in our incredible yachts. This may be your last opportunity to acquire a 20% ownership share in a Knysna Sailing Catamaran.

Why choose fractional ownership?

More Affordable

Buying a fraction of a yacht means the you pay only a part of the cost of the entire yacht.

Lower Operating Costs

Sharing the cost and efforts of operating a yacht dramatically reducing operating costs.


Shared ownership allows to spread your investement over two or three assets.

Real Ownership

With fractional ownership, you acquire a real assets, a sailing catamaran.

For more information on fractional- and outright ownership options complete the form below:

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Our love of sailing and extensive experience in shop fitting and architectural planning give us the expertise to customize the layout of our yacht’s interior, and creatively utilize every inch of space to meet the individual ‘lifestyle’ needs of our clients.
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15 Years Experience

Since 2002 we've been building catamaran yachts focusing on innovation, technology, creativity, craftsmanship, and safety. Ensuring we remain at the forefront of international yacht building companies in their class, delivering superior yachts.
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Our focus is not on volume, but on quality workmanship with exclusive boutique experience for our clients, building a limited number of yachts per year. We have on-going discussions relating to the style, performance and your budget expectations
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