At the Knysna (the K is silent) Yacht Company we believe that owning a yacht is a realization of your dream, and final evidence of your success and hard earned freedom.

The Knysna Yacht Company is based in Knysna, famed for the dangerous entrance to the Lagoon known as the Knysna Heads, and being situated on the East Coast of South Africa on the Indian Ocean; our yachts are tried and tested in some of the world’s most challenging sea conditions.

45+Yachts Delivered

1000+ Hours Sailed

15+ Years Experience

Why Choose Us

Building since 2002

With over 15 years experience we focus on innovation, technology, creativity, craftsmanship, and safety, ensuring these remain at the forefront of international yacht building companies in their class.

Close Relationships

With our clients we ensure that the many customization options, construction planning and execution, and even a better purchase price, are all to the benefit the owner.

Two Week Training

You get a 2-week training window on your yacht upon delivery at no extra charge will introduce the new owner to the Knysna 500SE – from equipment fitted to general boat-handling and anchoring. Very important for peace of mind before departing on major voyage.

Highest Attention to Detail

We focus on quality workmanship with exclusive boutique experience for our clients, building a limited number of yachts per year. With on-going discussions relating to the style, performance and your budget expectations.

Our Management Team

Kevin Fouché

Kevin’s love of sailing and extensive experience in shop fitting and architectural planning gave him the expertise to customise the layout of the yacht’s interior, and creatively utilise every inch of space to meet the individual ‘lifestyle’ needs of his clients.

Rika Fouché

A passion for interior décor and design excellence is reflected in her comprehensive interior design consultancy service, works closely with clients offering an almost infinite selection of fabric swatches, finishes, and lighting, enabling stunning interiors from clean hi-tech minimalism to luxurious and sumptuous baroque.

Grant Boshard

A passion for and many years of experience in the implementation of systems and processes aimed at increasing efficiency in the manufacturing processes.

Quality Components & Products

why customers us!